BDPRO4T-V0 – Compression Horn Driver

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BDPRO4T-V0 – Compression Horn Driver Type  – Compression driver Configuration  – 1-way Speaker size  – 4.5” (115mm) Frequency Response – 1.5khz – 20Khz Sensitivity – 107dB RMS Power  – 150 watts Peak Power – 300 watts Sensitivity  – 105dB Impedance  – 8Ω Mounting Depth  –  2.6” (67mm) Mounting Diameter  – 3.5” (90mm) • pro audio compression…


Introducing from VIBE the latest in our Pro Audio range the BDPRO4T-V0 our compression horn driver.

The horn driver differs from a traditional pro audio tweeter by using an inverted membrane at the back of the driver, this gives a longer loading into the throat of the horn. This design has been derived from the line array style horn drivers you would see at huge concerts and adapted to work in a car audio scenario.

The aluminum horn is strategically shaped to allow extreme wideband playback from 1.5khz to over 20khz and with a very high sensitivity of 107dB! This means that the compression driver is one of the loudest on the market.

We developed the driver to have a wonderful wide response concentrating and ensuring linear playback across its bandwidth and ensuring no loss of output or sensitivity at the high end

Be sure to pair this monster driver with any of our latest Blackdeath Pro mids for an incredible sound installation


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