CVEN2.5SQM-V9 – VIBE CVEN 2.5 inch Midrange Drivers

£ 539.99

Specification FS 143.55Hz Re 4Ω Sd 13.2025 cm2 Qms 4.86 Qes 1.12 Qts 0.91 Cms 0.2682 mm/N Mms 4.5833g Rms 0.85 Ωm Bl 3.84 Tm SPL 74.38 dB VAS 0.0653 L Zmin 4.17 Ω L1kHz 0.15mH L10kHz 0.15mH Weight: 2.50 kg


CVEN2.5SQM-V9 – VIBE CVEN 2.5 inch Midrange Drivers

No expense spared on these CVEN Premium Drivers

The CVEN2.5SQM-V9 Midrange Tweeters are interesting and unusual – only 2 inches in size. Their outer diameter is 6 cm. The mounting depth is 3.7 cm.

The cones of the cones are made of cellulose composite, and the caps, like those of the woofers / midrange speakers, are carbon fibre.

Magnetic systems are based on neodymium magnets. Here, too, there is a large axial channel closed with a porous liner – acoustic load.

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